Hrithik dared Priyanka to do?

As a part of the Dare Challenge prevalent on the Social Media, many celebrities are throwing challenges at each other. And in the recent turn of events, Hrithik Roshan had dared Priyanka Chopra to do push ups with a handstand. And the desi girl Piggy Chops did it in ultimate style!

Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra

Hrithik tweeted, “The only girl I cud dare this! For super @priyankachopra my
#bangbangdare HANDSTAND with a push up!! Do u accept! U have 3 days.”

And the lady execueted it in style that too wearing heels. She just made it look like cakewalk and even teased Bang Bang star saying next time he should make it a little difficult for her. She wrote, “Here you go Hrithik Roshan…a handstand with
3 push ups! In high heels! #bangbangdare …next time try and make it a little difficult.”

As a part of the Bang Bang Dare Game, Hrithik has challenged many other celebrities to do the same. He even dared SRK and Sonam Kapoor too. Lets see who adds more fun to the dare!

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