Hrithik is angry with Ashutosh Gowarikar?

He is one of the ultimate directors of Indian cinema with his creative genius! The other one is the undisputed super hero of Indian silver screen with a chiseled body and looks! Both are undoubtedly extraordinary personalities in their respective fields. The director is Ashutosh Gowarikar and the hero is Hrithik Roshan! Both are now working together in the prestigious mega budgeted, historical saga, Jodha-Akbar! It is revealed that the shooting part was completed recently and the movie is tentatively slated for release in Jan 2008.The first rushes of the movie have revealed the fact that the movie has become so lengthy with a screen-run time of more than 4 hours!! If the grapevine is to be believed, Ashutosh’s lengthy work and his slow pace of working style, has tested the patience levels of Hrithik and thus differences have erupted.  The clash between the perfectionist director and the complete actor has resulted in cooking the story that, Hrithik is angry with the director! 

Incidentally, Ashutosh is famous for lengthy films in the past also. His much acclaimed Lagaan and Swades runs more than 3 hours on the screen!

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