How Shah Rukh first met his wife

We know that Shah Rukh and his wife Gauri, who both grew up in Delhi, were pretty much childhood sweethearts. But the question remained, where exactly did they first meet? Well, the answer’s out now. And it’s been revealed by SRK himself!

Shah Rukh is given to having quick question and answer sessions with his followers on Twitter. And to a question posed yesterday (May 11) he answered, "Met Gauri at those school parties where girls & boys sat in opposite corners & asked each other for a dance."

We can just imagine how cute it might have been! And as they grew older and the relationship grew more serious, what did Shah Rukh’s mom feel about it? "My mom loved Gauri," he wrote. Apparently, Gauri’s family had some reservations about SRK (his choosing acting as a profession was supposed to be a factor). But ultimately, the couple were married with everyone’s blessings. And now we know how it all began for them!

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