Hot lip lock episode of Aarthi Agarwal


Senior actress Aarthi Agarwal is now seen in a lip lock (hot kiss) episode in a recent flick. She was seen smooching hero Mukul Dev in an upcoming venture. “How far can this help Aarthi Agarwal to rebuild her career?” turned out to be the hot topic.

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It is known that this beauty lost lots of chances in the past due to improper selection. Once, Aarthi was on the top of the list in Tollywood and her suicide attempt changed the scenario. Now, she is not getting much offers and finally she decided to go bold on the silver screen.


In spite of getting married, Aarthi Agarwal decided to go on the positive side of boldness by accepting lip lock episodes in Tollywood. Generally, heroines won’t go for this after marriage but Aarthi felt like taking the challenge to boost her career.

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