Hot kiss in Kites

Hrithik Roshan and mexican actress and model Barbara Mori will set the screen afire with their hot scenes in the movie Kites.

Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori starter film Kites, which is supposed to be released this May 21, is now facing trouble from the Bihar City Civil Court. Following a case filed against them by Laxmi Prasad of Sunbeam Holdings, the producers of film Rakesh Roshan and Happy Hours Entertainment officials are asked to appear in the court on May 24.

Reportedly, Sunbeam Holdings demanded Rs.10 Crores approximately for the copy rights of the action sequences in the movie, but film makers did not pay the amount demanded. Sunbeam Holdings said that they haven’t got the full amount yet. Rakesh Roshan supposedly agreed to pay but only approximately half of the amount. So when the two parties could not get down to a good result, Laxmi Prasad went to the court.

Sources reveal that the film is still going to release on time but they decline to give further details about the case and legal activities.

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