Hot heroine’s midnight workout technique

Alia Bhatt Gym

Hot heroine Alia Bhatt is now considering doing work out in the midnight. After serial kissing scenes, Alia Bhatt has turned into the top actress in Bollywood. She even managed to getting good attention of the media and the people by giving hot statements.

Alia Bhatt is now drowned in tight schedules and hence she fixed her slot in the midnight in case of fitness and gym. Her trainers got the information and they are planning for it accordingly. Alia Bhatt will be coming to gym in the midnight along with her sister till her shooting schedules gets relaxed.

Fitness experts says that the human body was designed to take rest in the night and to do physical activities in the day. If this turns true, the midnight workout may not be good for the hot heroine. Looks like, she is experimenting in different angle. Stay tuned to know whether this approached workout well for Alia or not.

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