Hot heroine finalized that she is not the n**e girl!


Shilpi Sharma, the girl who was on news for the last few days finally shot back at the media. Few days back, majority of the media headlines shot up with the news that Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad is framing a story and the flick has lots of n*de scenes. Apart from this, few media segments stated that Shilpi Sharma is going to be that n**e girl.

This hot heroine decided to take up the battle and hence she came on to the media. She strongly stated that she didn’t get any offer from Vijayendra Prasad and she didn’t finalize any story which has those nude scenes. She stated that she is not that nu*e girl which few segments of media claims her to be.

Shilpi Sharma reacted at an early stage and hence the rumor may get stopped soon in the film circuit. She fired on the media for promoting fake news. We have to see whether Vijayendra Prasad’s n*de story news too is fake or is a truth.

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