Hot and happening anchor Anasuya thrashes rumors in her own style

Anasuya is one among very few anchors who gives a damn about the rumors on her. She has given one of the best replies for a fresh rumor on her.

Anasuya thrashes rumors
Anasuya thrashes rumors

Anasuya is known for her seducing physique and hot dresses in shows. As her age is increasing, she is turning more and hotter. Her glamor has even fetched a special song in the Sai Dharam Tej’s flick Winner.

With all these developments, a rumor went like a wildfire stating that she is undergoing plastic surgery for some of her body parts. Coming to know about this rumor, she took her Twitter to share her answer. She told that as they got no new news from her, they started creating their own news about her. She finally declared that she didn’t undergo any surgery as she hates shortcuts to achieve anything.

Apart from her tweet, all are hailing her attitude and her skill to revert back at such idiotic rumors in style. She is still busy hosting many shows in different channels.

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