Hot and happening actress Sunny Leone escapes a flight crash

Hot actress Sunny Leone has just escaped a flight crash. Yes, It is true. She just put up a video on her Twitter account in which she says that the flight in which she and her friends, including her husband Daniel Weber were traveling, almost crashed and they are right now in an unknown place in Maharashtra.

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

In the short video, she is seen along with a few other friends, in a car, traveling back home after almost facing death. She said, ” Hey guys, our plane almost just crashed, and now we are in some remote place in Maharashtra. Now we are driving home. Everybody was freaking out on the aircraft. Thank God we are alive, and we are going home!”

Her friends also seem to be thanking God and their stars for taking them out of this, alive. Her tweet also read, ”Thank the lord we are all alive! Our private plane almost crashed through bad weather. Counting our stars and driving home! Thank you God!”

After a few minutes, she tweeted, ”Our pilots were so amazing. Our lives were in their hands, and they saved us!”

Phew! That must have been scary!

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