Hot and happening Rashmi Gautam upset with Antham Director

Many have been wondering about why hot and happening anchor turned actress Rashmi Gautam is not promoting her latest offering Antham which is released today. Even, there is no update about the film on her Facebook page. The reason is that Rashmi is upset with the director of the movie for promoting misleading content.

Rashmi Upset with Antham Director
Rashmi Upset with Antham Director

Rashmi Gautam revealed the reason behind it.In a recent media interaction, Rashmi said that she would not promote the film anymore as they depend on the misleading content. She revealed that the film was titled as Vyuham initially, but it was changed to Antham.”

She further admitted that, ‘I was promised to complete the film in a week. As the content was good, I decided to act in the film. But soon after the shooting was completed, I have not informed anything about the film including film’s release date. Interestingly, she also revealed that what is being seen in the trailers is not part of the film.

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