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Hora Hori Movie Review: ‘Hora Horri’ble torture

Just after the second half begins, the song ‘Chachipovalundi ..’ takes off. The song stops after four minutes but that word ‘chachipovalnundi’ remains with you till the very end of the movie. Such is the effect of this latest offering from Teja. It’s common to see a director’s mark in most of the movies a director makes. Hora Hori has something more than the director’s mark. It’s a rubber stamp of his previous film, mostly Jayam. Whether being obsessed with certain kind of love stories is good or bad, is a different topic altogether. But, making an exact replica of whatever he has already made and trying to tell a story generates pure nonsense.

Dileep and Daksha in Hora Hori
Dileep and Daksha in Hora Hori

There is non-stop déjà vu in the film reminding us of Jayam and the likes. The ruthless villain is crazy about the heroine. The hero is a coward with a gutsy mother (here, grandmother). A Duvvasi Mohan-like sidekick to the villain, who gives commentary when the villain is bashing the hero black and blue. The heroin almost does a ‘vellavayya vellu’. Not sure, what was the confidence behind making a Jayam replica which itself a mediocre but hyped film.

The story unfolds in Hyderabad in an intriguing manner, where Chenna Kesava Basavaraj, a hardcore influential rowdy murders at busy cross road. From the very first frame, Basavaraj maintains an apt body language. He plays the perfect baddie and is the only saving grace of the film. He was very effective that he almost reminded of Manoj Bajpai. He falls in love with Mythili and she is the sister of a corrupt ACP. Basavaraj is merciless and kills any prospective bridegrooms. Mythili goes into a shock after seeing continuous bloodshed and is sent to Shimoga, Karnataka to recover. Skanda, is a young cowardice in Shimoga who runs a small time printing press. The rest is all about how Skanda and Mythili fall in love, and Basavaraj learning about their love and the 15 minutes fight in the climax. 13 minutes of villain bashing with ‘muscle power’ till the hero’s face is bloody red plus 2 minutes of hitting back in return with ‘love power’.

Hora Hori Movie Poster
Hora Hori Movie Poster

There are very few portions that are interesting- the opening scene and few scenes where the friendship of Basavaraj and Skanda builds. All the other scenes are either boring, unnecessarily dramatic or ridiculously clichéd. More than the scenes, it’s the characters that this film has, which will annoy you. The most annoying of all was the lady who played the grandmother of Skanda. The scenes which try to create humour hardly work. The leads were hardly attractive with zero charm.

Technically also, there isn’t anything great to talk about. The hyped Kalyan Koduri’s music and background score hardly had an impact. Probably, he was just lowering himself to the film’s standards, i.e to give an equally boring background score as the film.

On the whole, this film is a painful experience to undergo amidst the unbearable treatment of Mr.Teja

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