Honey Singh Copies Bappi Lahiri

It’s not everyday that you see a star rise up so quickly that it eventually becomes difficult to fathom his success. That is the case with the current sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh who has emerged as ‘The next big thing’ in the music industry.


Ever since he made his debut, he has been in news for both kind of reasons- good and bad. The year 2014 saw him delivering chartbusters such as – Lungi Dance, Sunny Sunny and Blue Eyes among others.
However, there is one more thing which Honey Singh is known for.. ‘The Bling!’ that he puts on while making public appearances.

This is exactly what Bappi Lahiri does, which is why some are thinking that Honey Singh is actually copying Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri who is now contesting for the Lok Sabha Elections from Kolkata, was knownn more for his ornaments than his music. This yesteryear composer gave huge musical hits and can easily be called ‘The Godfather’ of Mithun as his songs were the ones which brought Mithun into the limelight.


In addition to the existing ‘Bling’ness in the industry, the recent release of the poster of Akshay Kumar starrer, ‘Singh Is Bling’ only added up to the ‘Bling’ quotient of Bollywood.

Honey Singh was spotted the next day wearing a lot of Bling, the kind American hip hop stars are dripping in and decided to quiz him about it. Talking to a prominent media house recently, Honey Singh said, “Everything I wear is custom made.” Looking at Akshay and Honey Singh with their Bling, the one thing that is clear is that Singhs have a lot of Bling.

When asked about the stuff he was wearing, this is what he had to say for each :

GOLD BRACELET – “My friend Bala (who owns Venky’s Chicken) gifted this to me. When his mother died, he got very emotional one night and said, ‘You are my jaan. Take this and don’t ever take it off.’ So I always wear it.”

GOLD WATCH – “I picked this up from Los Angeles.”

SHOES – “I got this limited edition Versace from Amsterdam 10 days back. This was the last pair left in the store. I love the gold motif on this pair of hitop wedge sneakers.”

FINGER RING – “It is custom made.”

Well, this singh definitely has a lot of ‘Bling’ !

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