Homeless Hero Siddharth Goes Emotional

Tamil Hero Siddharth has been one celebrity who has been continuously posting about the updates and mobilizing the people across Chennai during the time of floods. He, who called upon the flood victims to come and stay in his home, is now homeless.

Hero Siddharth
Hero Siddharth

Siddharth whose residence is in Chennai was filled with water past one week. While Siddharth got back from his relief measures, he was shocked to see such scenario. “I freaked out that I had lost my house for the first time… three studios, three cars… And then I felt bad for the middle class who lost so much in just one day,” said the actor.

He permitted that the use of social media during the time of calamity was positive as well as contradictory. “When there was this time of calamity, it wasn’t as bad as the social media saw it,” said Siddharth.

The actor further admitted that ‘This was the first time where the volunteers outnumbered the victims and happy to see that.”

When asked about the Tamil Nadu government’s relief measures in handling the floods, Siddharth said, “We can’t blame anyone for the natural calamity. I don’t think any state government can bring the state to an alright situation within five days.”

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