Hollywood Technicians For Akhil’s Second Movie

The shooting of Akhil and director Vikram Kumar has begun. Vikram Kumar of ‘Ishq’, ‘Manam’ and ’24’ fame is said to be filming some high action stunts for the movie. Interestingly, he has roped in a top Hollywood action choreographer for the stunts. The stunt master who worked for super hit Hollywood franchise movie “Transporter” has been brought in to do the work for this movie.

Akhil Second Movie
Akhil Second Movie

Recently, Prabhas and Sujith have hired Hollywood fight master Kenny Bates of ‘Transformer” fame for their next movie. Now Vikram Kumar is bringing in another action director from Hollywood for his film with Akhil.

The film will begin its regular shortly. Annapurna Studios is producing it. It would be Akhil’s second film as lead hero after his debut ‘Akhil’ that released in 2015. However, with this film Akhil will create a record for himself same as his father.

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