Hollywood Actor abused Hrithik at London Airport

Hrithik Roshan, who is known to be a very peaceful person in the industry recently had a rude encounter with Hollywood actor Jeremy Piven at Heathrow Airport of London. But the actor eventually abused Hrithik. That’s right! Hollywood Actor abused Hrithik at London Airport.

Jeremy Piven

According to a report by a prominent media house, Piven was agitated as he misplaced his passport. A source was quoted saying, “Hrithik, who saw this, stepped in to help sort the situation. The staff at British Airways did not know who the LA-based TV actor was and were getting annoyed with his tantrum.”

A source from the airport said, “Piven got more and more frustrated and was further irked by the fact that he was not given any star treatment. When Hrithik stepped in to help, Jeremy assumed he was a fan trying to get his attention and got rude with him saying, ‘Not now man. Leave me alone’.”


Hrithik still tried to help him and this time Jeremy hurled an abuse at him. Hrithik calmly asked one of the staff members attending to him to assist Piven.

The source also added, “Hrithik has always believed in setting an example by being gracious and respectful towards his fans and those around him. While he does understand that the actors do have rough days, he believes that public figures should conduct themselves with dignity.”

Hrithik surely impressed us all with this noble gesture.

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