Hisss Review

Rating: 0.50/5

Critic Rating: (0.50/5)

Before you venture into Hisss, ask yourself, are you ready to see Mallika Sherawat make love to a snake.

It slithers in between her legs and there is even a bit of tongue action. The scene is grotesque and ridiculous, much like the rest of this film.

Hisss has marginally better special effects and much more nudity but the script is so deliriously inept that, in comparison, the average Ramsay horror film looks like a class act.

Mallika, plays the Icchadhari Nagin who changes into a woman to look for her partner who has been kidnapped by a foreigner. He is dying of cancer and believes that he can be saved by the nagmani that the nagin possesses.

But on route to the villain, she also finds time to save random oppressed women by viciously killing their tormenters. Who knew that all the world needs is a snake superhero.

Curiously, the nagin is a cobra but swallows people whole like a python and clearly has style sense. She manages perfect make up and hair every time she becomes a woman.

Hisss is strangely disjointed. It feels like an unfinished film. The credit says written and directed by Jennifer Lynch but I refuse to believe that this was directed by anyone.

The true mystery here is what compelled Irrfan Khan to sign on?



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