Hippi Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)
Movie Name Hippi
Cast Karthikeya, Digangana Suryavanshi, Jazba Singh, and j. D. Chakravarthy
Director Krishna
Music Director Nivas k Prasanna
Producer Kalaipuli S. Dhanu

It requires just a movie to make or break the careers of actors and directors. Every movie is a challenge with this fear of becoming irrelevant. RX100, a movie which came in 2018 made the careers of actor Karthikeya, actress Payal Rajput and director Ajay Bhupathi. RX100 stood as a good hit and it helped the team shape their careers. Actor Karthikeya who got a good following among youth signed his next film with producer Kalaipuli S Thanu for a movie named “Hippi” which is said to be a youthful love story with a difference under the direction of Tamil director TN Krishna. The trailer and promos had already made an impact for the movie and let’s see how the makers utilized that opportunity to score a decent hit.


Hippi Review
Hippi Review

Hippi Devdas (Karthikeya) is in a relationship with Honey. One day her parents see her a match for her marriage and then she runs away from her home for a short time to Goa with hippi. On the way to Goa on the bike, Hippi meets Aamuktha Malyadha (Digangana Suryavanshi) and falls for her at the first look. She is an old friend of Honey. Hippi proposes Aamukhtha on their last day of the trip which she ignores. Back in their city, Hippi dumps Honey for Aamuktha Malyadha and she vents her anger out on Aamuktha and agrees to marry the guy their parents have chosen. On her engagement day, Aamuktha Malyadha comes and agrees on the proposal of Hippi with some conditions which give Hippi his first shock of the love life. What are the shocks he gets form Aamuktha Malyadha? How his life takes turns with his love story?

Cast and Performance

Hippi Review poster 2Karthikeya is good in his role as Hippi with different looks. He could have worked more on his expressions which at times seemed non-working. Digangana Suryavanshi is okay. She is shown well on the screen which adds glamour quotient to the movie. Jazbaa Singh is fine. Vennela Kishore evokes a few laughs. JD Chakravarthy is good. Brahmaji is fine in his limited role. Sudarshan is good. All other actors are fine in their roles.


Writing Department

The story of Hippi revolves around the concept of love. The screenplay seems inconsistent and the dialogues are fine.

Technical Departments

The songs composed by Nivas K Prasanna are good. His background score is good. The cinematography by RD Rajasekhar is good. The visuals are nice. Editing could be better. The stunts and action are composed well. The production values of V Creations are grand. 


–>Youthful elements
–>A couple of songs


–>Inconsistent screenplay


Hippi is a story of a guy who feels his freedom is lost because of his love. So this is a film which begins with a statement called “Love is bad ” and ends by giving you a good impression on love. The first half is laced with many youthful elements with some double meaning dialogues here and there. Except for those sequences, the screenplay is incoherent and makes an okayish impression. The second half starts with the frustrated mentality of Hippi and goes into the routine mode of every love story with explanations, plans to make the other one know the value of love, etc. Like every other love film, this one too ends with some heavy melancholic music with some realisations foreground on the screen and also with some unconventional fun elements to entertain. This film might not be another miraculous hit like RX100 because of some youthful elements. To sum, Hippi can be watched if you don’t have anything to do and want to enjoy a few laughs for some double meaning dialogues.

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