Himmatwala Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

Back when I was growing up in Dubai, we spent the long summer days of the vacations watching movies on video. When we ran out of movies to watch we would pick up video collections of Jeetender’s songs so we could have a laugh. “Bees Saal Baad” the realization has dawned on me that it wasn’t just the actor, the movies were silly too. I agree that the 80s didn’t give us too many great movies, but if they wanted to remake a movie, did it have to be this one?

The movie is replete with the standard scenes from the Bollywood movies of the 80s. There is the grand entrance of the hero with a fight sequence. There is a spoilt brat, modern, girl who the hero transforms. The transformation is depicted by the fact that she exchanges her Wonder Woman costumes for salwars. That said, I never imagined Tammanna would look so awesome in the Wonder Woman costume.

There is a the fight scene with the tiger. There is a scene where the mother pleads to the Gods for a miracle to save her son, which arrives in the form of the tiger.

The Plot

Ravi, an orphan, returns to his village to restore his family pride. There he runs into the villains of the piece – Sher Singh and Narayan Das, played hilariously and brilliantly by Manjrekar and Rawal. Apart from them he runs into Sher’s Singh’s spoilt daughter, played by Tammanna. How he avenges the insults on his family while also transforming Tammanna makes up the rest of the story.

Actually, not quite, because Ravi is not really Ravi.


There isn’t much to redeem this movie, except the nostalgia value and the acting from Manjrekar and Rawal, who capture the Shakthi Kapoor-Kadar Khan era perfectly.

And before you ask – No Devgan doesn’t have a scene in a white pant with matching white shoes.


Reviewed by Vinay Antony Payyapilly

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