Hijra turns as Director!

Director Raghava Lawrence showed the actor Sarath Kumar in a Hijra role in the film Kanchana and he also passed the message to the society that "Hijras also should be treated equally and with dignity – no matter what their circumstances".

Now a Hijra called Rose Venkatesan is all set to direct a film.Rose Venkatesan, who is a trans-gender, is all set to create a new trend by directing a English film titled "Cricket Scandal".Rose Venkatesan was already acted in several Tamil films and also a TV host and Radio Jockey.Another Tailo actor Parthiban is also acting in this english film and this film will also be released in Tamil and Telugu languages.Apart from cricket the movie will also have the troubles and struggles of Hijras in India.

Here is the Biography of Rose Venkatesan.

Rose Venkatesan was born in 1980 as a male, named Ramesh. At the age of five, Ramesh started becoming uncomfortable being a boy and started embracing his feminine side. He was dressing as a woman in his early 20s. Transsexuals are known as “hijras” in India and tend to be shunned by society, including their own families. Rose/Ramesh is a student of mechanical/biomedical engineering and worked in web design in the United States before returning to Chennai in 2003. Rose found people in Louisiana (where she spent 3 years studying) to be homophobic.

Later Rose Venkatesan did some TV shows as a host in Tamil and did some shows and also worked as an Radio Jockey.

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