Hijra Don in Temple City!

In usual life we see the Dons like Mafia Don, Underworld Don and some other Dons, but now the latest we hear is about Hijra Don named Alekhya, who is the leader for Hijras in the districts like Nellore, Prakasam and Chittoor.Recently in Tirupati, differences raised between two Hijra groups which leads to Kidnap.Every Hijra in these 3 districts will have to give the funds and donations to the Hijra Don Alekhya from their daily collection to survive.Alekhya is even ready to give the third degree treatment for the Hijras who will not give the money for her..If not the Hijra don will ready to kidnap and not even bother to kill them.

Watch out this video for Full Story on Hijra Don!

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