High Court’s Bouncer to KGF Star Yash

KGF star Yash is the man of the moment now as his movie is breaking all the records in home Kannada film industry and is also achieving a hit status in other film industries. As he is in super form in the professional life, there is something that he has to bother about in personal life as the High Court has dismissed his mother Pushpa’s petition not to consider Rs 12.50 lakh in the rent as they used it for the repairs of the home.

Yash has to pay rent
Yash has to pay rent

Yash’s family hired home in the sixth block of Banashankari Third Stage. The owners are the couple Muniprasad and Vanaja who are doctors by profession. The controversy regarding the rent has been happening since 2015. The court has issued a mandate to pay 5 per cent rent once every 11 months. The family argues that Rs 12.50 lakh was spent on home remittance and they will deduct the same.

The court recently instructed Yash’s mother to pay all the dues including 12.50 lakhs and also imposed a deadline. With this, Yash mother has no other option and has decided to settle the issue outside the court.

Yash’s mother is even telling that some people from the film industry are trying to make the controversy big and claims that she always maintained healthy relationship with the owners.

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