High Court to hear writer’s plea against Bhoothnath Returns

Looks like Amitabh playing the friendly spirit had cast some evil repercussions on the film; first it was the social activist from Mumbai who filed a case against the ad commercial showing Big B as Bhoothnath, and now, it is the writer Sushant Supriya, who claims that the entire idea behind the film has been lifted from his works.


The Delhi High Court agreed to hear the plea of this Hindi writer tomorrow in lieu of the allegations that Bhoothnath Returns is closely based on the writer’s literary works.

A special bench comprising acting Chief Justice B D Ahmed and Justice Siddharth Mridul have ordered the listing for tomorrow after the counsel for the writer Sushant Supriya. The film is planned to be released worldwide on April 11 th.

The writer, who came to know about the copyright infringement seeing the trailer, immediately filed for a plea. Another plea from the social activist is also to see a hearing, bearing accusations that Amitabh had directly propagated and supported the existence of ghosts and spirits, not to forget the existence of black magic, in the commercial that was made for children.

The first part, Bhoothnath, managed to fetch some endearing response from children. Amitabh playing that role of a friendly ghost is planted deeply into the mind-sets of children who now await the sequel. However, going by the series of incidents that are happening in connection to the film, a lot of damage control looks pending from the film makers’ end.

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