Hi I’m Tony opens to ‘average’ reviews!

Hi I’m Tony, the psycho thriller starring Lal, directed by his son Lal Jr was one of the more anticipated movies to be released this month and the movie came out on July 26th, Saturday. So far though the fans and critics are not giving the movie two thumbs up; in fact they are simply hailing it as an average flick.


Here’s a general round up of what the response has been so far like…

The plot of the movie has been praised for its uniqueness but many felt the script failed to hold up its end of the deal. While Deepak Dev’s music did not perform badly, it was not reviewed as something memorable. The viewers though have praised Alby’s cinematography as stylish and quite captivating in its own way.

What caught everyone’s attention is the audio editing and engineering in the movie. It was the most refreshing aspect of it, they say… Is that fortunate or unfortunate for the rest of the production, you decide.

Lal delivers a stellar performance as usual but many felt that since he has played several eccentric characters before, some of them with darker shades as well, it didn’t feel ‘new’ – through no fault of the actor. Asif’s and Mia’s performances have been graded as decent but nothing to rave about. They, along with the supporting cast, did their parts justice.

The movie which started off with a lot of promise began lagging after a while, said some critics, to the point that the viewers just wanted it to end – implying therefore that the fundamental aspect of a supposed psycho thriller was lost here – its ability to thrill the audiences.

However, the last half an hour or so, they say, is rather action packed and tries to make up for the rest of the flick.

Now, is that good enough? That’s for you to decide.

Anyway you look at it though, Hi I’m Tony is an ambitious attempt at presenting to the audiences something different. It will be seen in the days to come if this movie makes its mark at the box office, reflecting the will of the viewership as a whole.

This is after all, only Lal Jr’s second film, and a decent attempt at that. His next venture will be with Megastar Mammootty and the title of the project will be Driving License or sources say.

Let’s see how things turn out for that one now.

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