Heroine’s Mother Does Daring Gym Stunts

Staying fit matters a lot in the glamor industry. It is a must and should that the heroines and other actors try their best to be on a perfect shape. But have you ever heard about heroines’ mothers sweating out in the gym to stay fit? This has happened now. The other day, the Kshanam actress Adah Sharma posted a video clip on Twitter in which her mother as seen performing some unbelievable Mallakambha Asanas (pole acrobatics). This is the best thing you can see on social media. At that age, it is difficult for anyone to perform such things but Adah’s mother stunned everyone.

Adah Sharma Mother
Adah Sharma Mother

Adah’s mother, who is in her late 40s, climbed up the 10ft pole in a jiffy and sat on the tiny tip for a few seconds. Many of Adah’s followers have shared the video and showed their love to her mother. Adah made her debut with Puri Jagannadh’s Heart Attack.

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