Why heroines are looking at Puri Jaganath?


Rajamouli and Trivikram are presently on the top of the list with respect to directors in Tollywood. Srinu Vaitla is on the third place with good set of hits in the recent times. For Puri Jaganath, there is not a blockbuster in his career in the recent times. Even then, heroines are now chanting Puri’s name.

“What is the real reason behind heroines to look at Puri Jaganath?” turned out to be the point. “Idiot 2” and “Pokiri 2” are stated to be the real reason for this craze for Puri Jaganath. “Idiot” and “Pokiri” are blockbusters from Puri Jaganath’s side and now he is in the plan of going for sequels.

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It is a noted fact that Ileana and Rakshitha were shot to fame with those ventures at that time. Taking these aspects into consideration, few heroines are now chanting the name of Puri Jaganath. Lets see which heroine gets the golden chance of acting in Puri’s sequels!

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