Heroine walked out of RGV’s ‘Sri Devi’ project!

Poonam Kaur, who is stated to be the heroine for RGV’s “Sri Devi” project, has now walked out of this flick. It seems that she was not happy with the way of RGV and hence she reportedly went out of this project. This buzz is now in the media.

Poonam Kaur RGV Sridevi

Interestingly, Poonam Kaur went out of the film sets in the first week of film shooting. Adding to this, “Sri Devi” has huge impact on the public. The title turned out to be a controversial one apart from the content in the flick. It seems that RGV changed the story further and this made Poonam Kaur move out of the project.

“Will RGV look for another actress or will he try to convince Poonam Kaur for this project?” turned out to be the main question. On the other hand, RGV is facing lack of heroines for “Sri Devi” project. Seeing the controversies, heroines are literally fearing to take up this project.

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