Heroine used a shirt to cover her entire body!

Kylie Jenner, Hollywood actress who is known for having the most hottest sisters, appeared in a shirt in New York. Interestingly, she just wore a denim shirt and nothing else, revealing all her assets to the fans to enjoy. Of course, the shirt is long enough to cover her assets but still the attire looked quite sexy.


Even before forgetting her sister’s n**e photoshoot, Kylie Jenner came up with a bold avatar and gave feast to all her fans in New York city. It seems that Kylie came to New York in that avatar to do shopping. Few of her friends too followed her to shopping at that time and people felt quite elated seeing the bunch in trendy outfits.

Of all, Kylie’s attire is unforgettable. She further has long boots apart from the denim shirt. This is definitely a new sexy trend in Hollywood at present. This 17 year old teenager learned the way to tackle audience in Hollywood!

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