Heroine Sonia’s Video Sensation!

Sonia Deepthi Sensation Video

Actress Sonia Deepthi of Happy Days and Vinayakudu fame has recently released a video in YouTube with the name “Respect doesn’t stop”. She released that video on the eve of Women’s Day (March 8) and that video is creating sensation and it is going viral on the social networking sites. It seems that video is like a tribute to the BBC documentary India’s daughter.

In the video, actress Sonia was seen enjoying her privacy by drinking alcohol, enjoying in Pub and even watching porn. The video concept is that society is not recognizing the women rights and society blaming the women if they did some thing and not blaming the men if they did the same. Another interesting news is that Bollywood super star Amithab Bachchan also shared the video and asked his followers to watch the video.

Watch out here for the video

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