Heroine slapped for 10 minutes on a busy road in Mumbai!

yogita dandekar

Bollywood actress Yogitha Dandekar was slapped on road by a businessman and his driver. It seems that they attacked her on the busiest roads of Juhu near the house of actor Firoz Khan. As per the story, she was in her car while a businessman came out of his car and pulled her from her car on to the road.

Later, he slapped her on the road and attacked her for around 10 minutes. Yogitha mentioned that there are several persons on road watching this incident and no one reacted to it. She further mentioned that the businessman and his driver left the place after attacking her.

She filed a complaint on the businessman and his driver. Interestingly, both of them came out on bail. Debate in on progress in social media on this topic and we may expect women to support Yogitha in this case. Stay tuned for more updates.

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