Heroine Sara Khan’s Bathtub Video Leaked

Sara Khan is a popular face of Hindi Television. The Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai actress is in the headlines after a video of her naked in the bathtub became viral. And, the shocking fact is that the naked video of Sara Khan was leaked by her sister itself.

Sara Khan Bath Tub
Sara Khan Bath Tub

Into the details: Sara Khan had flown to Sri Lanka along with her sister Arya Khan. Both sisters were chilling, while Sara Khan got the shock of her life.

Hey there ?? . . . #vacayyyy

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A video of Sara Khan bathing naked in the bathtub was accidentally uploaded by her sister Ayra Khan on the social media website. After a couple of hours, the video was deleted but the damage was already done. Later, Sara Khan cleared that her sister was drunk and hence had posted the naked video by mistake. Wait! Is that even an excuse?

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