Heroine Sanjjanna’s Nude Video Going Viral

Dandupalyam’, the movie based on notorious criminals. The film has become a big hit when it released.Now, a sequel to the film is going to be released. The Kannada film is being dubbed into the Telugu language as well. The controversial film has got so many highlights and the Telugu version of ‘Dandapalyam 2’ will be releasing on July 21st. The interesting buzz on the movie is that Sanjjanna of ‘Bujjigadu’ fame acted as one of the members of burglars gang in ‘Dandapalyam 2’. Meanwhile, a video depicting the harassment of a woman, who is believed to be Sanjjanna is going viral on the social media.

Sanjjanna's Nude Video Going Viral
Sanjjanna’s Nude Video Going Viral

Apparently, a police officer undressed her in the police lock-up. But the director has clarified that the video isn’t a clip from his movie and clarified that the woman in it is not Sanjjana. Sanjjanna remained tight-lipped on the nude video in circulation for now.

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