Heroine Missing From Shooting Spot

The shooting of upcoming Tamil movie ‘Avalukkenna Alagiya Mugam’ is currently going on with a high face. But a sudden and shocking incident made the movie unit to halt the shooting.

Heroine Missing
Heroine Missing

Actress Anupama Prakash who is acting in the movie disappeared from the shooting spot. The movie unit got tensed and started searching for her. When asked about her in the nearby hill area people, they realized that the actress went back home. Some songs were being shooted in the hill areas of Kodaikanal. While shooting in the high spots, she got scared and went back to her home without saying, anyone. She first went to Madhurai and then Delhi without informing anyone in the shooting.

After searching for her for so long, the movie unit finally got relieved after knowing about her whereabouts. A. Kesavan is the director of the project. He also followed Anupama to Delhi, convinced her and brought her back to Chennai.

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