Heroine haunting audience with sexy yet weird photos!

Hot heroine Shruti Hassan is now haunting South Indian audience with weird yet sexy pics in her social networking sites. She is taking selfies and are uploading them into her account. These selfies are having various weird expressions and few fans are feeling frustrated seeing them.


Even though they are looking sexy, they are not getting much positive response from the audience. Few research reports from Europe says that taking series of selfies is also a psychological problem. It seems that just like the uninterrupted internet browsing, this selfies problem too is increasing in the youngsters in the present generation.

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Looks like, Shruti Hassan too has the selfies problem. Interestingly, she is passing them to the co-stars and the family members. Previously, she used to upload her solo selfies and now she is taking the selfies along with few other celebrities. Even though she is raising the selfies trend in South India, her weird expressions are literally haunting the audience.

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