Heroine Catherine Tresa’s brother committed suicide

Catherine Tresa Brother Commits Suicide

Tollywood heroine Catherine Tresa’s brother Christoper committed suicide by hanging himself in his room in Benguluru on Wednesday. It seems that depression due to lack of money is the main reason for the suicide attempt. Friends of Christoper mentioned that this lad has been suffering from depression due to lack of money to pay the fees.

There is a buzz in the media that even Catherine Tresa didn’t offer money to Christoper to move ahead in education. As per that story, Christoper has a tiff with the family and hence they decided not to extend their help. Official information from Catherine Teresa’s family is yet to hit the media.

Meanwhile, the above mentioned stories came on to the media. We have to see how Catherine Teresa responds to the media on this topic. Funeral has been arranged in Bangalore and the actress attended it.

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