Heroes getting addicted to director’s museum home!

Just like Rajamouli, Kollywood director Hari too shares good passion for weapons. Stepping ahead in case of passion, Hari came up with a museum home where he has huge collection of dummy weapons. The models of these weapons looks similar to original.

Vishal Weapon in Poojai

In the recent flick “Pooja”, Hari came up with a special weapon for Vishal. Now, a new aspect came on to the media. It seems that Hari will give choice to his heroes to choose a weapon of their choice when he signs a flick with them.

Slowly, this home of Hari turned into a museum. When ever heroes of Kollywood wants few weapons, they would go to Hari’s home to get the models and the designs. Slowly, heroes who are signing other directors’ films too were appearing in Hari’s home to select weapons for their ventures. Looks like, Kollywood heroes are getting addicted to Hari’s museum home!

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