Hero Warns Actress’ Father

Bollywood hero Salman Khan is not only known for his shaved muscled body but also for his arrogance. He wishes to do whatever he likes and especially when it comes to women, he cannot resist his senses. His love for Sangeetha Bijlani, Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif are known for all. Now his eyes were pinned on Mallu beauty Asin who is working with him for the film London Dreams.

Asin’s father Joseph Tottumkal has been accompanying the actress from many years as her manager. That has irritated Salman Khan as he hardly gets time to be ‘friendly’ with Asin.

Salman warned Joseph stating, “You are father to her and keep that relation only at home. Fathers are not allowed in shooting sets. If you claim yourself to be her manager, then just behave like manager. Give me privacy when I wish to talk to Asin in private. If you don’t agree with my words, I don’t mind going to any extent with Asin just in front of your eyes. Don’t assume that your presence stops everyone from making ‘friendship’ with Asin”.

This has made Joseph shocked and he is fixed. No one knows what Asin says regarding this.

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