Hero Siva Balaji fires on actress Raasi!

Chandamama fame hero Shiva Balaji fired on yester year actress Raasi on social blogging site Facebook over his Kid Dhanvin!

Hi.. I have 5000 friends in my FB..want every one to read this and share if u respect my post… It’s personal ….sivabalaji.m

Hi friends…, this is about "CUDDLE PLAY SCHOOL" ( FOUNDER:- YESTERYEARS ACTRESS- RAASI) (THE WORST SCHOOL TO CONSIDER FOR ANY KIDS OUT THERE).., CC cameras, A/c’s and lift are only for name sake.. They don’t even turn them on…. Unfortunately.., It’s the school where I’ve joined my kid Dhanvin 2 yr 4 months old.., thinking that it’s very near by and we can reach him with in five mins, if he needs us any time… And I am writing this to tell every one of my friends to never join their kids in CUDDLE PLAY SCHOOL as I know, how parents suffer if something happens to their kids….

Irresponsible Nannies.., teachers.., principal and founders…. Am including every one coz I spoke with all of them when my kid got hurt very badly…. No one really bothered to be concerned… It’s been a month full of horrible school days…. every day he comes back with some or the other problem…

Once, It’s his motion uncleaned for hours, till I saw it as soon as he came back n cleaned… (complaint, never considered)
his snack box.., filled with all other kids waste in it… (What is he eating there??!!!! ) (complaint, never considered)
Every day – his entire bag will be wet with water..(complaint, never considered)

one day- he himself was completely wet… His clothes were as if drenched in water… They said.., he asked for water in the van n they gave him n full bottle water fell on him…Is that the way to feed a 2yr old kid??!! (complaint, never considered)
Uniform- which they said they will be giving, was never properly given.. They either sent bigger size or reversely stitched ones with some other kid’s name on it… (complaint, never considered)

I kept my patience all these days thinking that my Kid has to get used to school… But poor him.., he got hit by other kids… He got scratches all over his face… Worse was he got hurt near his eye…. What if it was in the eye??!! He might have lost it for ever…

That was the worse, which I couldn’t take and called the principal immediately…. She replied as if she wasn’t even aware of it and said that, he might have got hurt some where in the class room or on the staircase or in the lift or in the van ( WHY THE HELL ARE THE CC CAMERAS PLACED FOR???) it’s only a 3 bed room flat with 35 kids overall… I spoke with his class teacher and she said, it’s her mistake.., she left them for a min and they fought. ( she was the only one who took the responsibly… Thank God, some body had accepted it..) but at least Nannies should be there in her absence na…!! I spoke with the founder, yesteryears heroine Raasi and her husband Nivas too…, thinking that they are our colleagues and will understand.., both of them spoke back least bothered.. And blamed the kids for everything… Never even once in the conversation they were concerned about my kid. What will a 2 year old kid know??? It’s the Nannie’s and teacher’s duty to take care of them if they are hitting each other… When I said.., if it’s gonna be like this I won’t be sending my kid anymore, they said it’s your wish…, we are least bothered… And said that i should behave like an educated person!!!!! and shouldn’t talk to them regarding all these things….. They are just Money minded…..

I stopped sending my kid to CUDDLE PLAY SCHOOL not even bothering about the Refund and I request all my friends to never consider CUDDLE PLAY SCHOOL as a last option also to admit your kids…..



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