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Hero Movie Review: Heroes are born but the film sinks

Why was the remake made? To act as a launchpad for newbies Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty. Expectations from Hero? Zero.

This Nikhil Advani film is all over the place and turned into a masala love story with song to support every segment. The first half is filled with songs, second half is filled with logic-defying script. Acting is nowhere, plot is all over the place. In the end, Salman the savior sings ‘Main hoon hero’ and that garners more ceetees and taalis than the whole film.

Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty in Hero
Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty in Hero

The newbies are eye-candies and have a long way to prove their mettle. The spark and spunk, so to speak is reflected only in decking up and flexing muscles. Sooraj is seen punching whatever comes in his way. Athiya is the splitting image of Sonam Kapoor. There would be parts where you’d not be able to tell the difference.

Story? The makers feel as it is a Salman Khan film, well producer Salman Khan, they can sell it off on his name. And truth be told, it will be so. Sooraj and Athiya’s on screen love tale is a snoozefest. If you can manage to doze off, while shaking off the numerous tracks of the film.

It is nowhere close to the 1983 Subhash Ghai film. The only common factor is that Jacky Shroff and Meenakshi Sheeshadri walked away as stars post the film and so will Sooraj and Athiya.

Star Performances:

Sooraj Shetty as Sooraj Kaushik is a goon who falls in love with the girl he kidnaps. He presses ‘Alt+Ctrl+Del” and voila turns into a man leaving behind his past. On acting front, he basically has five sets of expressions. But he can do better with time and has potential. Hopefully in his next he would show the spunk.

Athiya Shetty as Radha Mathur is the 2015 version of Sonam Kapoor. Sometimes you’d be wondering if you are watching Aisha and Khoobsurat, when Athiya takes the frame. She dresses well, pouts, takes selfies and cries. These are the things she does. Oh and a bit of stiff dancing too. She can do a lot better, a lot!

Tigmanshu Dhulia is good with what he does. At least he plays his part. Aditya Pancholi in his brief role was a mix of good and average. But wasn’t bad. Sharad Kelkar has a small role but is better than the lead. Vivan Bhatena and Chetan Hansraj are look good actors who become punching bags for Sooraj.

Sooraj and Athiya Hot Poses in Hero Movie
Sooraj and Athiya Hot Poses in Hero Movie


The story falls weak in so many places. The script is by Nikhil Advani and Umesh Bist and is far away from practicality. The makers wanted a film that would emphasize on the ‘Hero’ as defined by Bollywood standards and they do so. But they feel the audiences would buy anything and everything they place on the silver screen.

It can only happen in Bollywood films that two strangers dance with extreme proximity in a night club and fall in love during a masked kidnap. During the film time flew like minutes. And the dialogues are no good too. Plus forced dialogue delivery by actors makes it even worse. And then there is a musical depiction of the story too.

The only part where the film scores high is the cinematography. Scenic beauty is captured well in the film.

Watch or not:

One time watch yes. But don’t expect too much from the film. Though stars are born with this film, we are still waiting to see the acting juices in them. The film will earn good at the Box Office, and hope in their next films both Sooraj and Athiya prove that they aint just pretty faces.

Thumbs up: Salman Khan in the end credits

Thumbs Down: Plot, acting, loose strings

Yawns: More of facepalms

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