Hero involved in Silk Smitha’s death mystery!

Silk Smitha’s death is still a mystery for all of her fans. She is known for her boldness and her close sources stated that she is strong at heart. In this situation, “Why Silk Smitha decided to die?” turned out to be the main topic. People starting looking for clues and a hero voluntarily came forward to explain something interesting.


South Indian actor and producer Ravi Chandran gave a statement that he got a call from Silk Smitha few hours before her death. “What exactly did Silk Smitha feel like telling him?” turned interesting. It seems that Ravi Chandran missed her last call and he was shocked when the news broke out that she died.

Now, people started investigating on the topic of this heroes’ involvement in Silk Smitha’s death mystery. If Silk Smitha called Ravi Chandran in the last minute, he would have been the most trusted person for her. “Did she share any secrets with Ravi Chandran in the past?” turned out to be the point.

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