Hero convinced me to do hot scenes – Mallika Sherawat!

Mallika Sherawat in Dirty Politics

Mallika Sherawat acted in the flick “Dirty Politics”, which raised controversy to some level in India. There were few hot scenes in this venture and Mallika mentioned that she was convinced by her hero to act in those scenes.

Mallika Sherawat further stated that she was initially feeling tough to do the hot scenes. It seems that she was not mentally ready for those scenes and the hero took the initiative to convince her to act in those bold episodes. Finally, she mentioned that they turned out to be the highlight ones.

Trailer came up with few hot episodes and hence spectators are expecting this flick to be in “A+” level. After the entry of Sunny Leone, the craze for this kissing queen got reduced in the industry. May be, she is trying to come back with this flick.

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