Hero and Heroine missing for Two hours

If you do it, you are doomed. If you don’t, you are damned. That’s exactly what happened with Anushka Sharma and Shahid Kapoor when they locked lips on the sets of Yash Raj Films’ Badmaash Company. Both actors became the butt of many jokes on the sets.

The incident in question happened on the sets in Bandra where Shahid and Anushka kissed – not once, but thrice. After the first take, Sethi demanded a retake. “It was gawky and odd. You guys need to do it again,” he said.

While the set was being readied for the retake, Shahid and Anushka disappeared from the sets. When they were not to be seen for more than half an hour, the crew members tried calling them on their cell phones but to no avail. “Even Sethi tried calling them, but they didn’t take his call,” a source said.

Shahid and Anushka finally returned after two hours. When Sethi asked them where they had gone, they sheepishly said, “We had gone to buy some books from a bookstore in Bandra.” “Two hours?” Sethi asked. Shahid and Anushka did not reply.

Within no time, a lot of crew members were pulling their leg. “Which book had you gone to buy? The Beginner’s Guide To Kissing?”

Well, whatever books they bought, the certainly seemed to have helped. After that, the two were kissing without inhibitions. The source added, “They kissed quite well. The change was remarkable. In fact, Anushka, who was quite shy when asked to kiss on the first occasion, had turned into a completely new person. Shahid was still a bit shy, though.”

Well, some books do work. What say?

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