Here’s why Katrina Kaif post goes viral on Social Media

The Humans of Bombay shared one story of a female police officer. Inspired by her brothers, this woman chose to join the police force, and she shares how just because of a few incidents, the entire police force is misunderstood. Such is the honesty in her words that even actress Katrina Kaif wasn’t immune to it, and shared her story on her Instagram page.

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

The original post has already garnered more than 6,000 likes and has been shared more than 250 times, at the time of writing, while Kaif’s post has been shared close to 200,000 times, with people liberally praising the cop for her dedication to duty.

“I grew up watching my brothers and uncles working in the police force. When the time came to pick a profession, I chose to be a police constable myself because I wanted to be able to protect myself and others without being dependent on anyone. Today, however, I feel like because of a few incidents, we’re misunderstood on the whole. Everyone thinks we’re lazy, corrupt and that if they dial an emergency number it’s useless — but let me tell you that I’ve attended to those emergency calls myself. I drive this van during the night slot, and if any woman in the locality I’ve been assigned calls 103, I will be there within a few minutes. Next time, trust in us and dial any emergency number…we won’t let you down.”

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