Here’s how Aamir Khan transforms from fit to fat

It is already known news that Aamir Khan underwent some serious weight gain and loss to make his character feel more authentic. The best part of this transformation is that the makers documented the whole term between him gaining weight and losing it as well.

Aamir Khan Six Pack Body
Aamir Khan Six Pack Body

However, this is one of a kind video that we all can see as it documents the whole journey of the actor making such a fabulous attempt.

The production house of Dangal, UTV, shared a video of Aamir’s journey from when he gained 97 kilos and 37 percent fat to losing 25 kgs within three months.

The video also depicts some scenes of his muscular days to be shot after he lost weight. It also heard that Aamir basically used the calorie count method to lose the weight.

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