Hemachandra-Sravana Bhargavi got married!

Tollywood noted singers Hema Chandra and Sravana Bhargavi got married yesterday (February 14th, 2013).They got married on Valentines day.Hema Chandra and Shravana Bhargavi are got engaged on December 9th.

Hemachandra had became popular with the song "Bommali Ninnodala odala Bommali" in Billa and later he sung many songs in several films like ‘Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu’ and ‘Denikaina Ready’ and had also made his debut as music director with the film ‘Ride’.

whereas Sravana Bhargavi is known for her song in ‘Simhamanti Chinnode Vetakochade…’ in Simha. Later she also sang many hit songs in several films in Telugu.

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