Hema Makes Strong Comments On Trivikram

Hema is one of the popular character artists in the Telugu film industry. She played heroines in a few movies but made no mark. Later, she shifted her focus on the character artist roles and started growing in a career. There are a lot of successful movies to her credit in her career spanning more than a decade and a half.

Hema and Trivikram
Hema and Trivikram

Trivikram Srinivas initially gave her some good opportunities to the actress in his movies but it looks like both are not in good terms now. In a recent interview, the interviewer asked Trivikram about not acting in Trivikram’s movies. The promo was cut in a way where she spoke ill on the director.

The promo frames her saying that Trivikram tried to decide her remuneration without she approaching the producer. It is still not sure if she said it against the director but also added that how can he decide her remuneration.

We have to wait for a full interview to known the complete details.

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