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The film is almost a copycat of hero Ajit’s film Vaali with Simran in the lead. If you are even more keener you would find the traces of Arnold Schwgarner’s film Sixth Day. Generally, the combination of a hatrik producer like Dil Raju and Puri Jagannath (now considered the No.1 director) would definitely raise sea of expectation. But, the audience expectations are poorly met. A serious moviegoer might conveniently avoid watching the flick.


Aravind (Sai Ram) works in a cell phone company AirTalk. His love for Nandini (Sheela), a TV anchor who runs a special programme Hello Premistara, is instant.

Soon, the duo meet and their love begins to flourish. At this juncture, a look-alike of Aravind comes in between. He is Arjun (Sai Ram in dual role). Arjun, who is a pervert since childhood discovers that Aravind was his own brother, whom he had jilted as a kid. Now, he hatches a plan to murder Aravind and knock away his ladylove. Interestingly, the girl doesn’t know that there have existed two individuals. 


 Sairam Shankar dual roles in both negative and positive shades are superb.

He deserves appreciation for donning the responsibility of this twin-characterization with élan. Of course, there might be certain ruckus to note at, but better be ignored considering the initial stages of the hero. He had surely matured a lot in all divisions of histrionics. Sheela is a perfect match to him. She looked very beautiful seen through some angles. Sunil stole the limelight as a brilliant comedian, while Brahmanandam’s role is rendered waste with allotting of little footage.

Technical Details
 The story is a straight reprocessing of the Tamil film Vaali, which also sizzled the Telugu audience

thanks to its hysterical presentation. There is no justification when Rajkumar claims story, screenplay and direction to be his forte. The movie begins on a very dull note. By the time it reaches the middle, you have some romance which comes as a deliberate attempt to sustain the hero’s footage. The second half utterly lacks interest and takes a nosedive into the echelons of boredom. Music by Chakri is a saving grace. Two numbers are fine. Stunts are well composed, but they give an odor of deliberateness. Cinematography is excellent. Production values of Vaishno Academy banner are superb. Unfortunately, Rajkumar missed the thread of comedy, giving it a raw deal, which comes as a big minus point. 

The movie is opened to an average to poor talk. Lack of originality in the story and being the copycat of a popular movie, its chances of a good run are doubtful.

– Rishi


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