Heebah Patel Rejected by Ram Charan

Kumari 21F actress Hebah Patel missed the chance to romance with Mega Power Star Ram Charan in his forthcoming film “Thani Oruvan” remake.

Hebah Patel Rejected by Ram Charan
Hebah Patel Rejected by Ram Charan

Hot actress Heebah Patel has mesmerized Telugu audiences with her bold performance in the recent blockbuster film ‘Kumari 21F’. Written by Sukumar, the film had a terrific role for Heebah, and she played it with boldness and confidence.

After the success of the film, she has become a sensation among youth. In fact, she is the major reason for the success of the film. However, the actress was recently rejected by a star hero;it is heard.

Makers of Ram Charan’s ‘Thani Oruvan’ remake are still looking out for leading lady for Charan. Among the actresses that were auditioned, Heebah was also there. Makers felt that she looks like a teenager and hence rejected her.

However, her fans feel that the makers should have seen Heebah’s debut Telugu film ‘Ala Ela,’ in which she played a matured heroine and looked the best.

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