Heart Attack Review

Rating: 3.75/5

Critic Rating: (3.75/5)

Heart Attack is a very stylish, romantic film written, directed and produced by Puri Jagannath under the Puri Jagannath Touring Talkies. No doubt it is a delight and celebration for Puri’s fans after waiting much for a sensational Love story like Idiot.

Puri succeeded in perfectly pacing the rhythm of the story, leaving audience engaged through out the film. First half establishes the characters and builds up the relationships and complexities very well. Much waited One hour kiss scene of Nithiin and Adah Sharma was made brilliantly. Second Half is about Nithiin finding out the meaning of his search for all the years after his parents death and also that he in love with Adah and goes to Goa in search of her, there he expresses his love but Adah is not ready to accept as she is already trapped by the trafficking and drug mafia. Nithiin finally rescues her along with other girls. Prakash Raj, appears for a brief role and executes it very well.  Though the story followed familiar structures, Puri made the difference by making with his unique making style.

Puri’s dialogues in this movie are simple yet very effective. He is once again in full form and made the best use of his strength of hero’s characterization. Especially in the pre climax and climax scenes, elevates heroism of Nithiin with minimum scenes and effective dialogues.  Puri took the audience along with him, few scenes are predictable but Puri very tactfully twisted them.

Nithiin suited the character very well, performance is good, carried out all the emotions very maturely. Heart Attack will be in the list Nithiin’s best films.

Adah Sharma performed well, a good debut for her in the Telugu Industry. She looks very beautiful in many of the close up shots.

We can observe attention to detail in costume designs and make up.  Hair styling perfectly suited both the characters.

Brahmanandam and Ali characters are also very well crafted and comic scenes worked out well.

Kudos to Amol Rathod camera work, it enhanced the romantic mood of the film. All the songs shot well and made the best use of foreign locations, long and wide shots and certainly a visual treat to the audience.

Anoop Rubens music composition of this film suits Puri’s musical taste. Background score perfectly blends with the picturesque images and enhances the mood of the film.

Editing is also a big plus for the film. Editor S R Shekhar work is commendable.

In a nutshell, Heart Attack is a cool, stylish film with glamour. Puri rightly caught the pulse and trend of Telugu youth with this film.




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