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Hate Story 3 Review: A ‘chillar‘ thriller

It’s quite perplexing when sequels are made to an already bad film. The purpose behind making a part 3 for a mediocre film like Hate Story seems to be nothing but the fact that nothing sells like sex. In the current sequel they have roped in Sharman Joshi who is an unexpected candidate for this genre. We also have Karan Singh Grover , but he is expected. To make the movie cast hatke, looks like they wanted a little ‘healthy’ heroines and hence brought Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah aboard. Interestingly both of them were introduced in Bhai’s duds Veer and Jai Ho.

Hate Story 3 Movie Poster
Hate Story 3 Movie Poster

This thriller is again a hate story with the revenge as its main ingredient. Aditya Singh (Sharman Joshi) takes over the business previously run by his brother after his death. Aditya’s wife is Siya Singh (Zarine Khan). Enter Saurav Singhania (Karan Grover) who is all set to bring in the twist in the tale and also trigger the erotic factor of the film. Saurav is hell-bent on destroying Aditya’s world and starts making the mouse traps. He also gets Aditya’s secretary Kavya, played by Daisy Shah under his control. Saurav also makes an unusual offer to Siya to sleep with him for a night in return for merging business with him. Aditya and Siya on the other hand try hard to reveal his conspiracies. Who will have the last laugh and who takes the actual revenge and succeeds is the rest of the film.

The movie is all about skin cleavage show, leg show, back show, front show and what not. A b-grade film with great production values one can say. It’s disheartening to see a talent like Sharman Joshi who did films like Rang De Basanti and 3 Idiots doing a film like Hate Story 3. Sharman was not great but not bad either in the film. Zarine and Daisy Shah were quite liberal in the skin show. Zarine is coming back after a long break with zero hit films in the past. Probably skin-show appealed to her like the last resort. Karan has some great model looks but his acting has hardly any charm. Is it that difficult to find an actor to play a villain who can act well apart from having a 6-pack?

A Still from Hate Story 3
A Still from Hate Story 3

Like most of the Bhatt camp films, music is the savior of the film. Vishal Pandya cleverly chose nice tracks of the junior Malik to compensate for the clichéd Bhatt thriller. But on the movie front Pandya’s direction and Vikram Bhatt’s screenplay is so repetitive that you get a constant déjà vu throughout the film, and hence making the movie predictable.

Let’s hope that they close the Hate Story series with this part. Also, hope the secret will be out someday when we get to know how the Bhatt’s manage to get a minimum-guarantee hit music irrespective of crappy and clichéd their scripts are.

All in all, this part-3 is a ‘chillar’ thriller.

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