Hate Story 2 Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Thumbs Up: The film’s music, Sushant Singh’s acting, Spirit of women heroism

Thumbs Down: Falling weak in places plot, unrequired last minute additions.

A couple at times.

When Vengeance speaks out in loud volumes, how far will you go to achieve it? Young Love is not always stars and moon, but there also exists one which will trigger you to go to extremes to bring justice for the devoted one!

It is a story of two photographers, Sonika and Akshay, who fall in love with each other against all odds. But not every love story has a perfect setting. Powerful Hindu rightist leader, Mandar Mahtre, dons the antagonist’s hat and is a much layered character.

Sonika, Mandar’s kept, dares to fall in love, and he ruthlessly, murders her lover Akshay, leaving her to rot in a coffin buried in a graveyard. But destiny had a different plan. Sonika not only fights her death battle, but sets on a move to kill her beau’s killers.

Star Performances:

Debutante Surveen Chawla, has been making quite some news post the trailer hit all. Her skin show being much in news rather than her acting caliber. But the starlet does deliver a decent performance. The character she was given was a pretty strong one, and her survival potential ranking too high. She plays the role with conviction, and in some scenes she shines too bright. There are a few scenes too, where we are reminded of the bleak Paoli Dam dialogue delivery from the predecessor and sleeper hit Hate Story. Just like her character, which flips from her feared side to bravado, Surveen on screen went from great to mediocre and then again jumping to amazing.

The man who just stole everyone’s thunder, Sushant Singh, marvels in the role of Mandar. A high-headed overconfident politician, who gets beaten in the Chess of life, by the one whom he loved in his own right, is played brilliantly by Sushant. He is ruthless, he is powerful and he gets his way. Sushant has always time and again delivered some outstanding performances in his career, and this one just adds to the list. The cunning one liners, ‘Baba kehte the’ and his power-packed brilliant act is deemed to be appreciated by all.

Marking his cinematic debut, Jay Bhanushali, has got very little role to play. But looking good on screen, romancing his ladylove and at times emotionally comforting Sonika in her hallucinations about him, is what Jay has to do in the whole film. What I personally found a little odd was the gleaming white light angelic symbolization, whenever Sonika hallucinated about him. Plus, every time he was on screen it seemed he was just there to sing. There could be more to his role, but sadly the arm candy in this woman centric film didn’t have much to do.


It is a director’s medium as they say and Vishal Pandiya’s directorial debut will fetch him mixed responses. There are certain scenes where you wish more could be done and the actors work could be enhanced. But the vindictive plot he tried to present to the audiences was bleak in certain aspects.

It seemed the film was trying too hard to cover all aspects, be it erotic romance, avengement, Politics, Item number. Like for example, the item song ‘Pink Lips’ was placed very oddly and it seemed like a minute-addition to the film. At times the protagonist’s pain failed to make the audiences nudge in their seats. For me, heights was the last scene where again in her woolgather, Sonika ends on saying to Akshay ‘woh wali baatein.. humari wali baatein’ and they delve into exotic romance on ‘Aaj Phir Tumpe’.

But having said that, I would also add that there were a few scenes done very smoothly and the scene where Sonika finally avenges her quest was pulled off very well. Techniques used to kill were thrilling on occasions.The spirit of survival of the protagonist shines bright. And Bollywood again opens its arms to another tale of “Sheroism”.

Final Word:

Hate Story 2 is watchable, but do not expect too much logic from it. The film could have been much better, but even now is pretty well. Vengeance gets a shade darker and filthy too!

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